The Perfect Pitch

Before you ask, that’s not me.

But it is a perfect representation of what will be happening to me on August 27th. Let me explain.

I was reading an article about why you should never give up on your writing. The article talked about the usual stuff: rejections, persistence, determination. Yada-yada (sorry, I was in a mood because there was another rejection in my inbox that day).

But then something caught my eye.? The author mentioned she got her “big break” when she entered a competition called?Pitch Wars.?

Wait…what? What the hell is she talking about??

I went to Google, the compendium of all human knowledge, to look for answers. I found them. Boy, did I find them!

Pitch Wars?is a mentoring program for writers.? When you apply to the program, you choose four mentors to submit a query letter, synopsis, and the first chapter of a completed novel to. There is a two-day submission window.

Mentors then read the submissions and choose a writer to mentor. Mentors are editors or authors who are published or have agents.

If you’re selected, your mentor reads your entire manuscript and works with you for several months to help you get it polished and ready for the world. Then there’s an agent showcase where each mentee is featured in a post that has their novel’s pitch and the first page of their completed manuscript.

Sounds amazing, right?

Quite a few writers have gone on to get agents and become published authors after participating in the program.

When I read about it, I swear to you the room went quiet. It was just me and my computer screen. No noise. I felt something inside me say “this is for you.” Then I saw the dates for submission: August 27-29.

August 29th is my birthday. I took that as a good sign.

I already had a synopsis and query letter written because I’ve been querying agents like crazy.? But I sent my materials to a friend who is working on her master’s in writing. The competition is pretty fierce and I want to give myself the highest possible chance of being selected!

Each mentor also has a wishlist of what they are looking for. After pouring through a long list of the ones looking for Adult fiction (they also have middle grade and YA mentors), I chose four that my proposal has the best chance of connecting with.

I’m so excited about this opportunity! I’ll be on pins and needles until October 12th.? That’s the day they announce the mentees. You know I’ll post whether I made it into the program or not.

Are you a writer? Have you heard about?Pitch Wars??If not, you can read more about it here. If it sounds like something you want to do, you still totally have time to get your materials together. You can do this!

If you’ve participated in the program before, tell me about it in the comments!

Wish me luck!


  1. I certainly hope your submission is selected, Audra! I’ve never heard of Pitch Wars. I’ve got behind on reading blogs and I’m trying to catch up, today, hence,my late response?.

    1. Thank you, Leslie! I’d never heard of Pitch Wars until a week before the deadline! Yikes! Thankfully, I have my novel already finished and just had to tweak my query letter and synopsis. Now comes the hard part….waiting! I understand about reading blogs! I’m just honored that you fit me into your busy schedule! 🙂

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