The Legend of the Lair

?Let’s cut through the Lair.?

?The graveyard? Josh. No way.?

?Come on, Mindy. You don?t believe that crap do you??

?Only fools tempt fate.?

?I?ve done it a hundred times.?

?At night,? she put her hands on her hips and waited for a reply.

He looked at her but didn?t answer.

?We?re taking the long way,? she insisted.

?You want to walk all that extra way to avoid–?

She interrupted him, ?To avoid being killed? Yes.? She pulled her cell phone from her coat pocket.

?What are you doing??

?Seeing what time the sun sets.?

Josh shook his head at her.

?Nine minutes. Too risky.?

?I?ll take my chances. My feet hurt.? He headed for the opening in the stone wall that surrounded the Civil War graveyard.

?You?re an ass,? she said as he walked away.

?You coming or not,? he yelled back.

She hesitated then hurried to join him. ?If anything happens you–?

He interrupted her, ?yeah yeah…walk.?

Josh watched Mindy keep track of the time on her phone. He rolled his eyes. ?So what happens??

?What happens where,? she asked.

?In the story,? he laughed.

?Oh. Right. Dead cats.?

?Dead cats??

?Yeah. They?re stinky and they swarm you.?

?So a stinky cat swarming. So scary.?

?Something comes after them.?

?Which is??

?The wolf-dog.?

?Sorry I asked.? A thick fog filling the cemetery. A cat that appeared out of nowhere startled Josh. He wrinkled his nose, ?That thing stinks.? Cats surrounded them. The sky grew dark. Mindy knew what was about to happen. ?Just keep walking,? she whispered.

?Do you see that,? Josh pointed to something standing on four legs up ahead. The fog obscured their vision, but they could tell that the thing was huge.

?Is that–?

Mindy cut him off with her reply, ?Yup.?



    1. Hi, Paris! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and read my story. I appreciate it. I’m glad you enjoyed it. There will be another short story next Monday. Stay tuned!

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