The Busyness of Birds

I think birds are fascinating little creatures. There are a lot of them in my backyard because my neighbor has lots of birdhouses and bird feeders. When I sit out there to let my chickens forage, I listen to those birds and watch them. They are mostly busy finding little scraps of dead grass, plastic, or whatever else they deem suitable to build their nests. They are very resourceful. I?ve had the pleasure of seeing a few bird nests up close and it really is amazing how they are so well-built and sturdy, despite these birds having no hands to build with.

I often wonder how those nests, made only with their beaks, always end up ?being the perfect circular home for their eggs. ?I really wonder how they begin the foundation of the their nests. It is amazing when you sit and think about it. They have no instruction books, no YouTube videos, no libraries to research how to build a home or where to build the best home. Yet they innately know how to build shelter for themselves and their babies.

I hear them outside my window early in the morning while it is still dark. Lots of them. What?s funny to me is that once the sun rises, I don?t hear them as much. I think that in those wee hours of the morning, before the sun rises, they are speaking to each other and planning out their day: who will go where to find various things for their nests; what humans have the best feeders and birdhouses for them to use; how much time is left before momma bird has to lay her eggs…you know, the usual day-to-day of bird life.

Though it might seem like birds depend on humans for their homes and their food, I really don?t think that they do. They do take advantage of the kindness shown to them, but they don?t depend on it. They continue to move about in their world as if the kindness of humans didn?t exist and they are the better for it. What a great lesson for us humans. We should go about the business of achieving our dreams without depending on anyone or anything to help us. Yes, we?ll gladly take any help that may come our way, but we should work fervently all the same, and not put anything on hold for any reason. We should just keep taking steps each day to build our nests so we can fill them with our hopes and dreams.

Another thing the birds in my backyard seem to do is work together. They don?t fight?.most of the time. When one bird finds some worms, the rest of the birds in its little group descend upon the prime location and begin going about the business of feeding their little bellies. They are also in tune with the earth. I read that they can feel worms moving in the ground with their little claws. Once they feel a vibration, they peck at that spot until they find the worm.

Ah, another great lesson. I should be so in tune with who I am and what I want that I can feel when I am moving toward or away from my goal. In every situation I should be able to feel the vibrations of the opportunities that are being presented to me and take advantage of them immediately, wasting no time with excuses and allowing nothing to hinder me from each and every opportunity meant for me.

Birds also fly. Obvious, I know, but think about that. They don’t sit and wonder if their wings will carry them from place to place. They don?t ask other birds ?do you think I have what it takes to fly?? or ?do you think I have what it takes to build a nest?? No, they just hop up on the edge of their nest and trust their wings will take them where they need to go. They find the things they need to build their nests. They look for validation from no one and compare themselves to no one. They have no time for it. They must be always about the business of building their homes and feeding themselves.

I will take my lessons from these birds. I will no longer ask anyone if they think I have what it takes to be a writer, or will I be able to find an editor, or worry about how I will get published or if anyone will like my books. I will trust that my writing will take me where I want to go. ?It is inevitable because I believe it and, because I can see it in my mind?s eye, it will not be long before being a successfully published author is a reality.

Who knew that a few observations about birds would have such profound life lessons?


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