A Wedding, An Airplane, Some BBQ & The Blues

Summer is almost here and the year is halfway over. Can you believe it? We started our summer celebration a little early this year because my brother got married in the beginning of May!

He and his now wife got married in Memphis because they love it there so much. It was a small but very beautiful ceremony. We had such a great time on the trip that I wanted to share a little bit of it with you. So grab your favorite beverage and settle in because I’ve got some great pics to share with you.

Before I tell you about our trip in May, I’d like to begin with something fun hubby and I did in April. Later in this post you will see why I began with this.

Hubby wants to be a pilot. He even has a little under ten hours logged from about 25 years ago. Those hours never expire, either. He wanted to take a test flight in a Cirrus SR22T, so we did! In fact, we flew in a brand new 2019 Cirrus SR22T and it still had new plane smell. Here is a pic of the plane:

And she’s just as pretty inside as she is outside:

Don’t let the picture fool you, either. It’s VERY roomy inside. Hubby is almost six feet tall and our pilot is six foot three and they had plenty of legroom.

Our pilot, Mike, decided to take us to Ocean City. I enjoyed the views of Maryland down below as we flew to our destination.

We had a great tailwind and were flying at about 234 mph (200 knots). What does that mean? Well, normally it takes us around three hours to get to Ocean City, but in the plane, it took us TWENTY minutes. Here’s an aerial view of Ocean City:

Seems so tiny from way up in the air. We didn’t have time to land there but next time we definitely will. Our pilot was anxious to show off all the features of this really cool airplane. This is my face when he streamed an XM R&B station into my headphones that just happened to be playing a song I loved:

Below is hubby flying (he’s on the left). When Mike let him take the controls, hubby did so well that Mike didn’t believe he hadn’t been flying in 25 years. Mike told him he would actually pass his check ride if he flew like that. Wow.

And this is us after we returned to the airport.

Now on to Memphis. We drove from Maryland to Memphis. We split the trip in half and stopped overnight in Knoxville. Remember I said there is a reason why I began this post with our airplane ride? Well, the delivery center where new owners can pick up their brand new planes is in Knoxville! Our pilot arranged a tour for us when he found out we were stopping through.

Here is the SF50 simulator that pilots fly in. They can get their type rating to transition to flying the Cirrus Vision Jet in that simulator. It was occupied at the time so we didn’t get to see the inside, but it was still pretty cool to watch it moving:

Here is another simulator that is in the main building:

Here is a pic of one of the other buildings on the campus.

Now on to Memphis. We got there on Thursday, May 2nd. Of course we had to eat and when in Memphis…well…BBQ. We stopped at this place which had some amazing food. As you can see from the sign, they were voted #1 ribs in America by the food network. They were pretty amazing.

On Friday, I had some free time since the wedding wasn’t until 3. Being the Black History enthusiast that I am, you know I had to go and see the National Civil Rights museum. My youngest was sick, and oldest had already seen it. So hubby stayed with the boys while my daughter and I checked it out.

There are way too many pictures to post so I’ll just share a few poignant ones. Here I am at the infamous sign.

I have to tell y’all…when we pulled up and I saw the sign I actually gasped. I mean, you see photos of historic places and hear about it, but when you see it in person, it’s something else. I cried more than once while I was there.

This is a view walking up to the hotel from the parking lot.

And here is the infamous spot where he was assassinated:

The museum was so moving. Reminded me a lot of the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C. I took so many photos, but again, just sharing a few poignant ones.

Here is a jail cell. It was SO small and this picture does not convey well how small it is. So many spent days in cells like this fearing for their lives.

Here is the bus Rosa Parks sat on. While you are on the bus, there is audio overhead of Black people being told to sit at the back of the bus in various nasty ways. I could feel the weight of the sacrifices she and others made. I had to take a picture with her.

No explanation needed for this next photo:

And here it is. The room where Dr. King spent the last day of his life:

And a view of the balcony where he lay slain:

I sat there for a few moments to take it in and say a silent prayer of gratitude to him. I guess folks around me could feel it because they came and stood around me and put their arms around me and we cried together. It was very moving.

When we exited, we were met with this mural:

We then went across the street to the building where the assassin took Dr. King’s life, but I am not giving that murderer any exposure on my blog. When you leave the building across the street, you come to the huge sign for the museum:

And you get a view of the walkway that leads back up toward the hotel:

After we left the museum there wasn’t much time left and we had to get ready. The ceremony was in a garden and was small but beautiful nonetheless.

Here is my brother and my new sister-in-law:

Here are me and my brother after the vows. He was hungry and said to hurry up and take the photo. Typical. LOL.

After the wedding we ate at a famous restaurant called Corky’s. I didn’t get a picture of the front of the place, but I did manage to get this cool photo of a mural on the side of the building (which is also at the top of this post).

Here are hubby and I after returning to the hotel.

Later that evening, we did some more celebrating on the world famous Beale Street, home of the Blues. That weekend was the beginning of the Beale Street Music Festival and the street was closed off for the annual event.

We hung out in the Rum Boogie Room and enjoyed the sounds of a great local band that has been playing there for thirty years! One of the band members is a close friend of my brother’s. During one of their breaks, we walked Beale Street a little more and I stumbled across this piece of history:

Here I am in front of a mural right behind this sign:

And that is pretty much it, y’all! Memphis has so much to see and do. I look forward to going back there to see the other museums I didn’t have time to take in.

Until next time…

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