Let the Queries Begin!

Another milestone in this topsy-turvy world of publishing has been reached: I submitted my first query letter to an agent!

This process is exhilarating and frustrating all at the same time.? There were two steps involved: writing the query letter and researching agents.

Writing the query letter took some time because I wanted to be sure the wording was just right.? Let me tell you, I didn’t think I could possibly become more intimate with my book until I had to condense over 48,000 words into a single page.? I wanted to pull. my. hair. out. Completely.

But I didn’t.

The next step was going through the?Writer’s Market?book to find agents.? I made a list of ones I felt would be a good fit and looked through their websites.


Several of the ones I was most excited about are now closed to submissions.? But I persevered.? Four of the eleven I picked are open for submissions and seem to be a good fit for my novel.

Prince was singing Cream in the background and giving me confidence as?I followed the query guidelines and hit the ‘submit’ button for each one.

Now I wait.

And continue to write the outline for the second novel in the series.

There’s one agent that I really hope picks up my novel.? I really think she and I would work well together.? But in the end, I know that the agent I end up with will be the one for me. In the meantime, I just keep taking daily, tiny, consistent steps toward my goal.

Until? next time!


  1. SO Proud of you! You’ve inspired me to make changes to get to my goals again. Love you bestie! Good LUCK!! I know you will hear positive things!!

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