I’m a Podcaster Now!

Hello, everyone! I’ve got some exciting news! You may remember me telling you about a new podcast I was going to start. Well, that day is here! I decided to launch early since my first two podcasts are now able to be found on most of your favorite podcast players (with more to be added soon!). I am having so much fun interviewing up-and-coming authors and I am looking forward to what the year will bring.?

The podcast is called?Between the Reads.?It is a space I created where new and recently published authors can share their books with book lovers searching for a good read. These authors also share some valuable writing advice for emerging authors. Here are two snippets of the first two episodes.


As you can hear, we had a lot of fun chatting about their books and characters!?Between the Reads?is an extension of Audra Russell Writes, so you can expect to see posts about my upcoming podcasts through out the year.?

If you’d like to hear the full episode, head on over to www.betweenthereads.com.

I’m pretty proud of that website. Everything you see there from the logo to the site itself is my creation.?

If you love what you hear, you can also support the show by becoming a patron…and that would be awesome! Or you can share the podcast with your friends and family — or even new or recently published authors who need to let the world know about their book!

I’m? so excited to share this new part of my writing venture with you all. I created a new Instagram account to go along with the podcast. If you’re on Instagram, be sure to follow me at betweenthereadspodcast. That’s the first place you can find out when new episodes are ready for your listening pleasure.

I hope that you’ll become a faithful listener. You’ll hear about lots of great books you can read and I have giveaways and lots of other special events planned. But you gotta listen to find out what they are!?

Well, this is all for now, faithful readers! Head on over to my new website and check out the new episodes, okay?

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