I am….

I write every day without fail.

I also argue with myself?about writing.

I am a writer.

I?m not a writer.

I have what it takes.

My writing sucks.

I compare myself to published authors. I sigh. I get discouraged. I wake up in the morning hopeful. Some days end in triumph. Other days end in abject failure. I wonder if it is too late. I?ve given up on so many things but writing is my one constant through it all.

If I fail at this, what?s next? Have I no gift to contribute to the world? I didn?t choose to be a writer. It chose me. I have to be successful at this. There is no other choice. This is the gift bestowed upon me. I will use it. It will make room for me here. I will show the world my soul. I will not be ashamed.

I AM a writer.

I bleed words.


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