Character Sketch: Paul Simmons


Welcome back, everyone! I hope that you are staying healthy and safe during this time of quarantine.

In my last post, you read about one of the main characters of my novel, Theresa Vincent Simmons. This week, I’m sharing the world of her husband, Paul Simmons.

Before I get to that, I do have some exciting news to share. While I was rewriting one of the scenes in my novel, I came up with a GREAT new name for my book. What is it? Well, that will be revealed when I begin promoting the book. So I guess you’ll just have to keep checking back often for updates! 🙂

Okay, on to the sketch.

Paul Simmons was born in Maryland and has lived here all of his life. His first memory is sitting in his backyard laying on his stomach with his chin resting on his hands watching ants crawl in and out of an anthill, the ones going in had tiny crumbs that he knew even as a boy had to be double their body weight.

He has always had an innate understanding of the physics of things and as a child loved to take things apart to see how they worked. He always looked for ways to put them back together, to make them more efficient. He loves things that have simple designs and work well.

He has an immense vocabulary, but can?t stand people who use words just to impress people. His father was an English professor and always told him ?never use three words where when one will suffice.? He is intelligent and is always learning new things, breaking them down into their simplest forms, and studying them.

He is a computer systems engineer for a government facility and loves the academic environment he is in. He goes to work in solid color t-shirts and blue jeans with leather walking shoes every day. He only shops for new clothes when needed.

Although his wardrobe is basic, his taste in food is not. He lives by the motto ?live is too short for boring food.? Paul is very logical and only believes in things that he can see, touch, and explain. He is an only child. Both of his parents were also only children. They planned to give Paul lots of brothers and sisters, but his mother had to have an emergency hysterectomy after having Paul, which made that dream impossible. His parents doted on him and gave him a great life. They were killed in a car crash when Paul was a sophomore in college. He never got over the pain of losing the two people he loved most in life and, as a result, was a loner in college.

He is a somewhat solitary person but his job and his wife keep him from being a total hermit. His demeanor is quiet and sometimes pensive, but refreshingly pleasant if engaged in conversation. He is a man of his word and takes his honor seriously. He organizes his entire life in a color-coded calendar on his phone: doctor appointments are yellow; staff meetings are green; bills due are red; anything to do with Theresa is purple?her favorite color; work projects are blue.

He believes only in very calculated risks and planning carefully for the future. He loved his wife, Theresa, from the moment he laid eyes on her. She opened up his heart and made him believe in love again.


That’s all for this week, folks! In my next post, I’ll be sharing about Theresa’s mother, Araminta Vincent.?

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