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A New Podcast: Between the Reads

February 20, 2024

Happy new decade, everyone!!

I hope you brought in the new year however you wanted to. As for me, I did what I do every year: slept until 11:45 then got up and watched the ball drop with hubby and went back to bed. I know. Boring. But I’m more of an early morning person, not a night owl. Anywho (see what I did there?) I’ve got some exciting news to share!

But first I have to tell you how the idea came to be.?

Writers read a lot. We also support other authors by buying and reading their books because getting published is one of the most challenging hurdles to overcome.

The second one is marketing.?

Did you know that unless you are a really famous author, most publishing companies leave all the marketing of your book up to the author??

Yeah, you read that right.

And with literally MILLIONS of books published every year it is easy for a good book to get lost in the stacks, especially if you don’t have a huge marketing team (and budget) to get your book out there.

In 2019, I read a lot of great books by authors who are both traditionally published and self-published. They were real page-turners (and who doesn’t love a good page-turner, right?) but they weren’t on any lists and haven’t won any awards (yet).

Honestly, I’ve read a lot of books simply because they won an award, or were trending, or were on the best-seller list. Some of them were good. But more often, the book just didn’t live up to the hype.

Now, these other books I read, the ones that weren’t on any lists, they were GOOD stories. I’ll take a good story that keeps me turning pages over award-winning books any day of the week.?

When I would share these books on Instagram, the authors were so grateful. That made me realize something: these authors need their own place to come and share their work!?

And that is how?Between the Reads podcast?was born! It is a biweekly podcast that will showcase the books of new and recently published authors. There are lots of fun talks planned. Here’s the logo I designed:





There is a landing page to let people know about the show, complete with a launch countdown. Take a look at it here (it will open in a new window).??

I spent all of December putting the infrastructure in place. When I shot the idea out to four authors whose books I’ve read, they ALL agreed to be guests on the show! Three of the four interviews are already scheduled and the official website and episodes will launch on Valentine’s Day!?

I’m super excited, y’all!?

Are you ready to spice up that reading list of yours? Or maybe you haven’t read much lately, but you want to get back into it and need some good recommendations?

I’ve got you covered!

Be sure to stay tuned to here! I’ll be posting more information as the launch dates draws near.?

Until then, faithful readers…


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