An Item On My Bucket List

One of my favorite authors is Nora Roberts. She’s from Maryland. Sixteen years ago, when I was pregnant with my daughter, I wrote to her. A few weeks later I got a reply complete with a bookmark, a few other little keepsakes, and a short, hand-written note congratulating me on my pregnancy. I never forgot that.

Well, Nora has a bookstore in Boonsboro, Maryland. My parents, until recently, lived in North Carolina. I would always pass the exit for Boonsboro as we would travel to their home. For 13 years, every time I would travel past that exit I said, “I’m going to go see her bookstore one day.”

Here’s the plot twist. Three months ago, my parents moved to a little town in West Virginia. As I was coming home from their house the other day, I decided to finally visit her store, since it’s only 25 minutes from my parents’ house.

When I got there I was just giddy. My daughter thought I was crazy because I just kept squealing but I didn’t care. ?I was just steps away from a place I’ve always wanted to visit.

The bookstore is in this quaint little downtown section that just makes you want to walk arm-in-arm with a good friend while taking in the scenery. Here it is. Turn The Page.

It sounds so geeky, but I didn’t know what to do with myself. I was so excited. Don’t judge. I’m an extreme book lover and a pre-published author, so this was two worlds colliding for me. Here I am in front of Turn The Page on a bench that invited me to sit there and read one of her books.

When you walk in, there’s the main section of the bookstore that has a wonderful selection of books to choose from. When I told the very friendly employee there that I was so excited to be in Nora’s store, she pointed me to the room that is just Nora’s books and merchandise. I swooned. Here are some shots.

I absolutely love this sign. I need it in my life. Now.

This is me with Cardboard Nora. I am hoping to replace this photo with one of me standing next to the real Nora. She has a few signings coming up, but I’m not sure if they will allow photos. ?When I meet her, I think I might be able to keep myself from fainting, but I can’t promise that I won’t be having a huge inner fangirl moment.

Of course, a trip to her bookstore would not be complete without buying one of her books. I ended up getting The Collector.

So, that’s one item crossed off my bucket list. She also owns the Inn BoonsBoro On the Square. All the rooms are named after couples from famous books. Hubby and I love The Princess Bride so it’s no question that we’d have to stay in the Westley and Buttercup room.

Well, that’s it for now.

Until I write again….




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