2018 In Review

We have 21 days left in this year.  Wow. I wrote 12 goals I wanted to accomplish in 2018.

I accomplished 5 of the 12 goals.  You may say “that’s not a lot, you must not have done much.” You might be right. 


Writing is a subjective field and the goals I set depended on other people. So that’s the first thing I learned about setting goals: make sure their outcome isn’t dependent upon other people.  Lesson learned. 

I won’t list out all the goals I made because that would make for a long post. I’ll just go over the ones I managed to get done. 

Goal #1: Five Short Stories Published

This goal entailed writing short stories, editing them, and researching journals I think my stories would be a good fit for. Sounds simple, but it is a lot of work. 

I didn’t make it to five, but I got one published! Score! It went into a book called Exhuming Alexandria, a short story anthology.  You may remember me sharing this great news with you back in October. 

Goal #2: Complete 12 Short Stories Challenge

Another goal I set was to take part in the 12 Short Stories writing challenge.  This was my second year participating.  They give you a prompt and word count each month and you have to submit your story by the deadline. You get feedback on your stories and also provide feedback to other writers. 

I’m proud to say I completed this goal for the second year in a row. In fact, I was one of only 19 writers (out of over 100) to submit all 12 stories two years in a row.  Here’s the badge I got via email.  I’m tickled pink. 

Goal #3: Complete Capstone Course in Creative Writing

Back in 2017 I took a cluster of online writing courses. To finish the cluster, they required you to take the 3-month long capstone course. I set this as one of my goals and completed the capstone course in May.  Yippee!!  I learned so much about the mechanics of how a story goes together that improved my writing my leaps and bounds.  

Goal #4: Become a Published Author

The initial idea behind this goal was to have my novel accepted for publication. Though that did not happen, I met this goal by getting that one short story published.  I also wrote two articles for two writing journals, which counts as publication, too.  You can read them here and here.  

I’m still working on getting my novel published.  I’m not giving up, don’t worry! 

Goal #5: Build Traffic to My Website

This is a perpetual goal.  When I built this site, I had no subscribers.  I worked to make genuine connections with book lovers and other writers and now have 22 subscribers.  That’s not a lot, but, to me, it’s the world.  

I am looking forward to making many more connections in 2019. 

So that’s my year in review.  I’m taking some time to think about what I want to do in 2019.  What are your plans? Leave me a note in the comments!


  1. Congratulations, Audra! The 5 goals that you accomplished are awesome! If you set 12 – that seems almost overly-ambitious, and I don’t mean that as a criticism. It reminds me to reach high, wide, and far; to set goals that stretch me out, not just aim for what seems easily doable.

    1. Thanks, Leslie! I always set goals that are very uncomfortable for me. Sometimes I reach them, sometimes I don’t, but I always learn so much along the way that I can’t ever really say I’ve failed, just learned.

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